Power Yoga Teacher Training and Extensions Coach                            01/13 - present

Enrollment, payments plans, organization of materials, outline inspiring and informative lectures, provide coaching and constructive feedback for teacher trainers to be set up for success.  Guide, mentor, and elevate students to achieve their individual goals.  Provide and hold space for growth and self exploration throughout the 200 hour training and Extensions experience.


CorePower Yoga Power and Hot Power Fusion Instructor                  02/13 - present

Embedding myself in CPY culture to serve as an authentic yoga instructor and reflection of the values and mission that CPY goes by. Teaching wonderfully inspired classes that are well thought out, consistent, accessible, and enjoyable for all levels of students from various walks of life.  While remaining open to feedback and recognizing my strengths simultaneously.


Power Yoga Instructor Burbank Athletic Club                                         05/12 - 06/13

Beginning as a sub for teachers to growing into a permanent instructor due to positive member feedback and consistently being available to be a flexible team player through subbing.  Creating a fun, challenging, yet accessible class for students of all levels. 


Power Yoga Instructor at Self Employed                                                      05/12 - 06/13

Utilizing social media, networking, and my own website to build a clientele. Continuously evolving to meet the needs of students while deepening personal self-study to match the growth of my students. 



Ashtanga Yoga Weekend Workshop with David Swenson                  01/14 - 01/14

Introduction to Ashatagna: Flying, Floating, & Hand standing: Breathe, Bandhas, & Pranayama: Guided Tour Primary & Secondary Series: Inversions, Backbends, and Sitting With Breathe: Eight Limbs & Daily Life


CorePower Yoga 200 hour training                                                                  02/13 - 05/13

Course training continued to Hot Power Fusion class format and reinstated with new ears and eyes, what I experienced in my first training. 


CorePower Yoga Extensions                                                                               06/13  - 07/13

Continuing education to experience the full enchilada of CPY training including, but not limited to: CPY 5, intelligent sequencing, confidence in voice, advanced adjustments, and theming.


CorePower Yoga 200 hour training                                                                 02/12 - 04/12

Course training included practice teaching, posture/cue development and succinctness, lectures on various yoga related topics including, but not limited to; anatomy, 8 limbs, chakras, rhythm and flow, CPR, etc.


Workshops & Lifestyle Programs                                                                     01/12- present

Yogi Training: 5 week program with personal coaches and one on one work to deepen yoga practice from chakras to inversions and alignment. Wellness Cleanse: 2 week program focusing on blending holistic and clean eating for an integrative healthy life on all levels.  Boot Camp: 2 week program with emphasis on cross training and muscle confusion centered on elevating ones yoga practice and pushing beyond plateaus.


Iyengar, Kundalini, Power Yoga student                                                    09/08 - present

Starting in Iyengar the flame of yoga was lit.  I then practiced Kundalini for one year with Fatehbir Kaur.  Then came Bikram until CorePower Yoga in July 2011 and have been based there since.  Branching to other Hatha styles in my spare time from Ashtanga to Vinyasa Flow.


Reiki Certification 1,2, & 3                                                                                  11/99 - 06/10

Healing technique that transfers pure universal energy from the practitioner to the recipient.  Promotes balance, health, and well being for the mind, body, and spirit. 



MindBody Online(excellent), Retail Pro(excellent), SalesForce(intermediate). CPR certified.  I am Ukidokan kickboxing trained, an avid hiker, social media regular, and lover of life.